10 Tricky SSB Interview Questions with Answer

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SSB, in all, is general to each variety of entry. Everyone seems to be assessed on a standard set of qualities or the OLQs. Each level of assessment is additionally identical in every entry kind. the rationale why NDA SSB stands out from the remainder is thanks to the very fact that it’s a small amount early for the boys. it would be the primary interview of their life at that age. While each assessment is the same and therefore the preparation for its identical too, here square measure some sample tough NDA Tricky SSB Interview questions that you just may face within the interview and tips/sample answers to tackle them.

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10 Tricky SSB Interview Questions with Answer:

An Interviewer in the SSB Interview is free to ask anything as per his/her wish. Here is the list of some tricky SSB Interview Questions with Answers that are asked most frequently in the Interview.

If you are appearing for the Interview. Make sure to remember all these questions before you opt to appear for the SSB Interview.

Why do you want to join the Army/Navy/Airforce?

“Indian military is that the most enjoyable organisation to figure with attributable to its brave nature, and after all, the handsome pay perks. i might wish to be a part of the military as a result of it providing us job security, family security, respect that may solely be attained within the uniform and therefore the pride of sporting that uniform. And conjointly I might get an opportunity to serve the state and do my bit for it.”

Why should I recommend you?

“From my purpose of reading, I cause most of the Officer Like Qualities that a politician should have. I’m accountable, socially labile and take initiative whenever given an opportunity. And that’s the foremost necessary qualities that a politician should have. Hence, you must provide me with an opportunity to prove my points and myself by recommending me .”

Why do you think, you’re appropriate for the Indian army?

“I am living within the army atmosphere since I used to be a toddler. I’m not new to the things that happen within the army and may add it while not even move a meeting or acclimatizing downside.” (If you’re a military brat)

“I realize myself brave and prepared to require risks in life. I will adapt to new things and eventualities terribly simply. From my previous roles as a frontrunner, I may also say that I even have decent expertise in leadership and cooperation. and armed forces are all concerning it. Hence, I realize that I am appropriate for the role of a military officer.” (If you’re new army)

Do you have Girl Friend/Boy Friend? have you ever had sex with him/her?

Be Frank and assured with the IO and don’t feel too protective or back. At the identical time, don’t be too friendly or frank with him. grasp your limits and persist with them. This is among the most tricky SSB Interview Questions which is asked in the Interview.

Why don’t you have got a girlfriend? are you gay?

You are on your own on this one.

If you never get selected, what are going to do in future?

“I would continue my graduation and afterwards, I’ll attempt through CDSE which is conducted by UPSC or AFCAT or Other Entries. essentially I might continue my life.”

What if you could never make it in defence?

If the querier is asking you this question, keep one issue in mind – he’s taking an associate interest in you and desires to suggest you. Your recommendation can currently depend upon this question. If you have got a correct future designing, you’re an inexperienced lightweight however if say that you just don’t have any plans as of currently otherwise you haven’t thought of it, however, you’re a red-orange lightweight.

What if I run away persuading your sister?

“I would have higher possibilities of obtaining recommended” is what I might reply if it were me. Don’t get displeased by his remarks. Take it in a simple and joyous mood and reply in this mood itself. This is also among the most tricky SSB Interview Questions which is asked most frequently in the Interview.

Tips for Write Genuine Self Description in SSB Interview

What if one morning you were aroused from sleep & found that you just were pregnant?

This question is sort of a model on the web blog titled “Tricky SSB Interview questions”. Unsure whether or not it’s very asked or not, here’s was the lady replied “I am terribly excited associated take an off, to celebrate with my husband.” As aforesaid earlier, take everything completely and during a calm and polite method. this can represent your response to your teammates and your ability to socialize.

Do you smoke? Drink?

Again, be frank and assured however don’t be too friendly or free with him. He’s the querier in the end and not your friend.

These are the tricky SSB Interview Questions that are very commonly asked. One must prepare it in a better manner. The number of questions and types of questions in the Interview completely depends on the mood of the examiners. Always Be ready to answer each question with a calm mind.

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