5 points to a concern about Agniveer Scheme

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The Indian Government has launched the Agniveer Scheme to join the Indian Armed forces. Under this scheme, a candidate can join the Indian Armed forces for the duration of 4 years. But there are so many controversies going on with this scheme. Here, we will share with you the 5 points to a concern about Agniveer Scheme. The points shared here are valuable and have been said by some defence personnel and defence experts.

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5 points to a concern about Agniveer Scheme:

Well, after the announcement of this radical recruitment plan of the Indian Armed forces aimed at cutting the pension bills and salary etc. After the announcement, the voice has been raised. Here are 5 points to a concern about Agniveer Scheme:

  1. The biggest concern is regarding finding another job. The ‘Agnipath’ theme opens the method for accomplishment of regarding 45,000 troopers into the Army, Navy and Air Force within the initial year however on a short-run contract of 4 years. once the completion of the contract, 25% of them are going to be preserved and therefore the rest can leave the forces. “Merely four years of service can mean we are going to ought to study for others jobs then, and be left behind others our age,” Gulshan Kumar, one among the aspirants, told NDTV in Patna, Bihar. The Union Home Ministry sought-after to allay those fears by saying on Wednesday that these troopers are going to be given priority in an accomplishment to central armed police forces and province Rifles.
  2. A joined issue stemming from re-employment is whether or not the ‘Agniveers’ – the trooper’s change of integrity the soldiers below the Agnipath theme – can keep driving. Those employed below the ‘Agnipath’ theme are going to be given a one-time lump sum of touch quite a 100000 after they finish their four-year tenure. However, they are doing not receive any pension edges. For most, seeking a second job is crucial to support themselves and their families.
  3. Then there are issues that the forces can lose veteran troopers. The jawan’s change of integrity the military, Navy and Air Force are going to be given technical coaching so they’re ready to support the continuing operations. however these men and girls can leave once in four years, that might produce a void. Air Chief Marshal RKS Badhauria (Retd), however, same these issues square measure baseless. “These folks won’t be utilized for the extremely technical job, which needs another level of coaching. The ‘Agniveers’ can support the prevailing employees,” he told NDTV.
  4. Defence analyst Major General Yash Mor (Retd) was a lot of essential to the theme, vocation it a “play of words”. He same that there’s nothing for those young men who is coaching for years to urge into soldiers. “In this country, IPL rights square measure sold for vast total however we tend to square measure unable to pay our soldiers? very, we want some soul looking,” he same on NDTV’s Left, Right And Centre. He conjointly observed that hiring folks on the short-run contracts isn’t sensible, as 75% of them are going to be left during a lurch once the completion of the four-year amount.
  5. Some aspirants too didn’t realize any advantage within the Agnipath theme, speech communication that it will not have “positive effects” on people who arrange to be part of the forces.

Agnipath Entry Scheme, Advantages, Disadvantages and Payscale

Well, there are several advantages and more disadvantages of the scheme. Hope you understood these valuable 5 points of concern about the Agniveer Scheme. Click on the given link above to know the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme in detail.

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