Airforce AgniveerVayu Intake 01/2024 Notification Out: Apply Online

Ready to Take Flight? Airforce Agniveer Intakes 01/2024 Online Form Now Open!

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Introduction: In this blog we will know about Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024 online form. This form can be done to join the air crew। In this blog we will know the process of filling the form, eligibility, training details, and last date. Let’s know how to fill the form to get a chance to serve in the Air Force.

Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024 What is an online form?

Introduction: When it comes to the Air Force, there will be hardly anyone who is unaware of this. This is a force that elevates the name of our country. Everyone dreams that he gets a job in the Air Force but for this you have to fill the online form for Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024. To learn more about which, read further.

Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024 What is an online form? This is an online form that you must fill in to apply to join the Air Force. The entire process of this form is online through which you can apply to the best of your ability.

What details fill in this form? In the form, you have to fill in the information of your response, educational qualification, date of birth, permanent address, photo etc. Apart from this, you can also upload your photos, Aadhaar card and other important documents.

Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024 What is the qualification for the online form? If you want to become a military in the air force, then you must have a 12th pass. Along with this, you should also have Indian citizenship and other useful qualifications. Stay connected with our blog continuously to learn further.

Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024 Online Form Procedure

Procedure: As you all know, to fill the Air Force Intake 01/2024 online form you have to login to the official website. All of you can fill this form after checking your qualifications. After filling the form, you will have to submit your documents online। Before that, you have to submit the application fee online. You should be careful while filling the online form that you are giving the correct information so that your application can be registered. While filling the form, you will also have to verify your eligibility. Make sure that you have successfully submitted all documents before logout.

You can take a print out from there which you can use during further processing. You can also submit Air Force Intake 01/2024 online form fee online. Your application will be completed only after your application is submitted. In the next heading we will give you information about Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024.

Eligibility and Application Process-

Eligibility Criteria for Agniveer vayu Intake 01/2024:

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To become a part of the Agniveer Vayu Intake 01/2024 program, aspiring candidates need to meet specific requirements established by the Indian Air Force. It’s not just about paperwork; it’s about finding individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and passion for aviation and their country. The eligibility requirements include:

  1. Nationality: Be a citizen of India.
  2. Age Limit: Applicants must be between 17.5 and 21 years of age at the time of enrollment.
  3. Age Between : 27/06/2003 to 27/12/2006
  4. Educational Qualifications: Candidates should have passed their 10+2 examination with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Mathematics, and English. Additionally, candidates who have completed a three-year diploma course or a two-year vocational course with English, Physics, and Mathematics as subjects are also eligible to apply.
  5. Physical Fitness: Candidates must meet the physical fitness standards set by the Indian Air Force, including height, weight, and chest measurements.
  6. Medical Standards: Applicants should meet the medical standards outlined by the Indian Air Force to ensure they are fit for service.
Application Process:

The application process for Agniveer vayu Intake 01/2024 is conducted online. Candidates follow these steps to apply:

  • Application Begin : 27/07/2023
  • Apply Form Last Date : 17/08/2023
  • Exam Fee Last Date : 17/08/2023
  • Exam Date : 13/10/2023
  1. Visit the official Agnipath web portal at
  2. Create an account and register using a valid email ID and mobile number.
  3. Fill in the required personal, educational, and contact information accurately.
  4. Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents, such as matriculation passing certificate, intermediate/10+2 mark sheet, additional skill certificates (if applicable), recent passport-sized photograph, left-hand thumb impression, and candidate’s signature.
  5. Pay the examination fee of Rs. 250/- through the available online payment options.
  6. Review the application form and submit it.
Selection Process-

Phase 1: Online Test

The first stage of the selection process for the Agniveer Vayu Intake 01/2024 is the online test.

This serves as the initial screening phase to evaluate the knowledge and aptitude of candidates. Here are the pertinent details of the online test:

Format and Duration

The online test is conducted in a computer-based format and consists of objective-type questio

ns. The duration varies depending on the subjects.

Subjects Covered

The test includes subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and General Awareness. The syllabus for the Science and Non-Science streams of the test is based on the 10+2 CBSE curriculum.

Marking Pattern

Correct answers are awarded one mark while incorrect responses result in a deduction of 0.25 marks. Unattempted questions receive no marks.

Importance of Phase 1

It is essential to score well in the online test as the marks secured are normalized to account for the variation in difficulty levels across different sessions. These normalized marks are considered for shortlisting candidates for the subsequent phase and also help in preparing the final merit list.

Phase 2: Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Adaptability Tests

After clearing the online test, candidates move on to the second phase, which comprises the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Adaptability Tests.

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

The PFT evaluates the physical fitness level of candidates. It includes running a distance of 1.6 km, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. The qualifying standards for male candidates are seven minutes for running 1.6 km, and for females, it is eight minutes.

Adaptability Tests

Adaptability Test-I assesses the candidates’ adaptability to varied geographic, weather, and operational conditions. Adaptability Test-II evaluates the capability of individuals to adapt to the military way of life.

Phase 3: Medical Examination

The third and crucial stage of the selection process involves a comprehensive medical examination conducted by the Air Force medical team. This examination is vital as it confirms the physical and mental fitness of the candidates for service in the Indian Air Force. Here are the essential highlights of the medical examination:


The Medical examination is conducted to determine if applicants meet the medical standards and policy specified by the Indian Air Force.

Baseline Investigations

The examination comprises baseline investigations such as blood hemogram, urine analysis, biochemistry tests, X-ray chest (PA view), ultrasonography of lower abdomen and pelvis (for female candidates), ECG, and any other tests deemed necessary by the medical officer.

It is necessary for candidates to be physically and mentally prepared for the selection process by performing well in the online test, passing the physical fitness standards, and clearing the medical examination. Doing so increases the chances of getting selected for the Agniveer Vayu Intake 01/2024 program and fulfilling their aspirations of serving in the Indian Air Force.

Benefits and Opportunities

Terminal Benefits – Seva Nidhi Package

As part of the Agniveer Vayu Intake 01/2024 program, personnel are eligible for a Terminal Benefits – Seva Nidhi Package. This package, also known as the ‘Seva Nidhi’ package, is provided upon completion of their engagement period and consists of their monthly contributions along with matching contributions made by the Government.

Monthly Contributions

The package includes monthly contributions made by Agniveer Vayu personnel. The contribution amount varies based on the year of engagement, ranging from approximately Rs. 30,000/- in the first year to Rs. 40,000/- in the fourth year.

Government Matching Contributions

The Government matches the contributions made by the personnel, with 70% of the contribution going towards the personnel’s in-hand amount and the remaining 30% being directed towards the Agniveer Corpus Fund.

Exit Benefit

Upon exiting the program after completing four years of engagement, personnel are eligible to receive an approximate amount of Rs. 10.04 lakhs as the Seva Nidhi package. This amount is subject to absolute figures and does not include any interest.

Insurance, Death, and Disability Compensation

Under the Agniveer Vayu scheme, personnel are provided with a non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs. 48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period in the Indian Air Force. It is crucial to note that personnel enrolled under this scheme are not entitled to gratuity and any pensionary benefits.

Agniveer Skill Certificate

At the end of the engagement period, Agniveer Ayu personnel are conferred with an Agniveer Skill Certificate. This certificate recognizes the level of competency and abilities acquired by personnel during their engagement period. It serves as an acknowledgment of their achievements and can be valuable for future career prospects.

Not Entitled to Ex-Servicemen Status

It is important to be aware that personnel enrolled under the Agniveer Vayu scheme are not eligible for ex-servicemen status upon their discharge from service after completing the four-year engagement period. This means that they do not receive any benefits and privileges associated with ex-servicemen status.

The Agniveer Vayu Intake 01/2024 program gives personnel the chance to serve the nation and acquire valuable skills. While they receive benefits such as the Seva Nidhi Package, insurance coverage, and a skill certificate, it is crucial to understand the limitations and exclusions, such as the lack of gratuity, pensionary benefits, and eligibility for ex-servicemen status. Nonetheless, this program provides a platform for individuals to contribute to the Indian Air Force and gain experiences that can shape their future endeavors.


Agniveer Air Force Intake 01/2024 Filling online forms is a great opportunity to join your army. To understand and fill this form, read the entire contents of the blog carefully and do not forget the last date for submission of documents and forms. You can read the last part of the blog for training, allowances and other information. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply to fulfill your dreams.

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