CPDA Army Talent Quiz Award Ceremony is being conducted on 14 August 2022

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The CPDA (Cadets Point Defense Academy ) has conducted the Army Talent Quiz for the better training, preparation and experience of the cadets. CPDA is known for providing better education and training. We have given a number of selections in defence every year. This Army Talent Quiz is being conducted to check a candidate’s overall knowledge and IQ level, etc. This was undertaken to prepare you much better for the actual examination. The Quiz has been conducted successfully, and tons of students appeared for the exam. Here we will get to know about the CPDA Army Talent Quiz Award ceremony.

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CPDA Army Talent Quiz Award Ceremony 2022:

As CPDA has promised to distribute some prizes, and awards to the students who have scored better on the quiz. We are doing this to enhance the confidence of our students to perform better in the real defence examination.

As you know the competition is too much everywhere. Each student uses the same book and the same way of preparing. You have to stand out from the crowd to get selected for the service.

In this Army Test Quiz, One can get a scholarship of up to one crore. The aim of CPDA Officials was to promote real education and the candidates who actually want to join the Defence but due to some financial issues, are unable to pursue it.

We just wanted to give a platform through the quiz to a candidate who scores better, CPDA will provide free education, and free training to that students to join the Indian Armed forces.

When CPDA Army Quiz Award Ceremony is conducting?

The Quiz is supposed to be conducted on 14 August 2022 at Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. All the students who have participated all heartily congratulated at the venue.

Chief Guest: Jitendra Sharma

Timing: 10am to 3pm

Venue: Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad

The CPDA is also supposed to offer Prizes in honour of the soldiers and officers who sacrificed their life at Kargil. Join Army Talent Quiz Award Ceremony and get to collect some valuable knowledge from Mr Jitendra Sharma.

Why Choose CPDA for Defense Exam Preparations

Awards Distribution Criteria:

There are no fixed marks criteria. The Scholarship will be given as per the rank scored in the overall quiz. Here are some details about the Ranking and Scholarship:

  • Rank 1: 100% Fee Waiver
  • Rank 2-3: 90% Fee Waiver
  • Rank 4-10: 75% Fee Waiver
  • Rank 11-20: 50% Fee Waiver
  • Rank 21-100: 40% Fee Waiver
  • Rank 101-500: 30% Fee Waiver
  • Rank 501-1000: 20% Fee Waiver
  • Rank > 1000: 15% & Free Mentorship by Academic Mentors etc

There is no other way to become successful in life rather than by gaining knowledge. Never miss even a single moment where there is free knowledge.

Regards: Cadets Point Defence Academy

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