Best Study Materials for NDA Exam, Best Book for NDA Exam

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The NDA Exam is something that is the dream of many Indian Youths. IN order to join the National Defense Academy, One will have to prepare very well. There are basically three phases in the NDS Entry that one has to clear. Here we will talk about the written examinations and Best Study Materials for the NDA Exam, Best Book for NDA Exam etc.

CPDA Pubication

There are many books available in the market, one should be very careful while selecting the book for your preparation. Your preparation depends on the books that you are using. Well, It is not possible to mention the name of every book that is available in the market. Let’s see the details about the study materials that have been designed by the CPDA (Cadet’s Point Defense Academy) for the NDA Exam preparation.

Which is better Entry NDA or CDS?

Best Study Materials for NDA By CPDA:

Best Study Materials For NDA Exam Preparation: CPDA has its own publications that design the books for the Defense exams as per the latest exam pattern. Books are specially designed by the defence Exam experts to give the best education. Books are designed after the proper analysis of the previous question papers, level of Questions and difficulty level of questions papers.

The preparation of the NDA examination can be easily done with this single book. You may not need to buy any other book for the same preparation. A single book would be enough for your Examination. Each book has enough sample paper, Previous year papers and model paper etc which would be enough for your practice. The book is available in both formats one can check the soft copy or Hard copy. One can download the complete book in pdf or can also order a hard copy of the book.

The Exam of NDA is not too hard, it can be easily cleared if one gets proper training and education for this. The cutoffs will be the minimum marks needed by the candidates to pass the examination. Candidates will be able to check the cutoffs after 1 or 2 weeks of exams. The average cutoff is around 360 every year its varies. but as in NDA-I cutoff was 342 for the written stage. Prepare well and be confident, You will clear this exam.

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Why Choose CPDA Study Materials for NDA preparation?

As you know, that the Syllabus of the NDA is basically class 9th to class 12th. One has to prepare almost everything which is in class 9th to 12th. It is very difficult to cover the complete NDA Syllabus for preparation. One will have to leave some subjects.

The NDA Books by CPDA has been designed by the NDA Exam Experts. This single book gives you complete preparation for the exam, One does not has to look for any other book. It will become very easy for the candidates to prepare through this book.

The NDA Book by the CPDA is best for the preparation in all manner. After this, The team of CPDA is always available to solve your doubts. We have a team of Ex- Defense Examiners, Officers and some Brilliant teachers etc for education and Training. Join us and clear your exam on the very first attempt.

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Latest NDA Written Exam Syllabus:

You may know that the Paper of the NDA Written Exam is divided into two parts. To prepare better for any examination, It is important to understand the complete syllabus of the examination. Here are the details:


  • Algebra
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Trigonometry    
  • Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimensions
  • Differential Calculus       
  • Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Vector Algebra  
  • Statistics and Probability

General Ability Test:

  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • History
  • Civics
  • Geography
  • General Science
  • Current Events
  • General Awareness etc

Preparation Tips for NDA by CPDA:

First of all, Select the best book that could give you complete preparation for the examination and you do not have to look for any other book after that. You can also take the help of Cadet’s Point Defense Academy, Our team, Out staff and Ex-Defense officers will assists you in all manner to get prepared well for the examination. Now let’s see the preparation tips for NDA Exam.

Eyesight Requirement in NDA and CDS Entries

  • First student have to mark good study plan. Remember one thing this exam is not too hard you just have to be clear with 10+2 syllabus.
  • You can also take help from some NDA books also. Or you can take some  NDA coaching classes at the Cadets Point Defense Academy is one of the best coaching for the NDA Exam preparation.
  • Make shorts note while you are studying. So that you revise it at the end time of preparation.
  • Solve previous year question papers, Mock Test papers, Sample Question Papers etc.
  • If you donot have enough time for the preapration then just solve previous year question papers as much as you can.

The preparation of any exam depends on one individual. Choose the best book for preparation. Selecting the book can solve your 50% problem. The CPDA study materials for NDA has all the things that one needs for preparation. Just be honest with yourself and give your time for preparation, This book will prepare you in all manner to clear the exam.

FAQs For Best Study Materials For NDA Exam

Which is the best book for NDA Exam?

There are many books available in the market, It is hard to mention one name. But for the best preparation for the NDA Exam, You can choose the CPDA Study Materials for NDA preparation.

Can I prepare for NDA at Home?

Yes, The preparation can be done at home. Oe just needs to choose the right study material which could give the complete preparation for the exam.

How to prepare for NDA at Home?

Choose the right study Materials, Make a proper schedule for study, Solve the previous year paper and appear for mock tests (If possible).

This blog was all about the Best Study Materials For NDA Exam, Best Book For NDA Exam. I hope you got the complete details about this. To prepare for the Defence Exam, you can join the Cadets Point Defence Academy and get proper education and training about the exam, Interviews, Physical Fitness and Medical Fitness etc. You can check the official website to get details or to know more about the Institute. Best Study Materials For NDA Exam, Best Book For NDA Exam.

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