What is the difference between the Navy and Naval Academy?


Well, The Indian Navy releases the number of vacancies every year for the selection of the officers in the Indian Naval Academy. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the What is difference between the Navy and Naval Academy etc. We will get to know the details regarding the required eligibility criteria to join the service as an Officer or as a Sailor etc. Let’s see the details.

There is no suitable answer for what is the difference between the Indian Navy and Indian Naval Academy etc. Both are the same in all manner. Then too, If you are confused, In this blog, I will clear out everything and will also share with you the ways to join the Indian Navy After passing class 12th or Graduation etc.

What is the difference between the Navy and Naval Academy:

The Training of the Cadets to become an Officer in the Indian Navy Service is done at the Indian Naval Academy. Both are different The Indian Navy is a service while the Indian Naval Academy is a training institute. The Naval Selection Board has a number of vacancies through which one can join the Indian Navy as an Officer, Engineer, technician or as a sailor etc. These vacancies are released every year and have different eligibility criteria required for each post.

The Selection in the Indian Navy is also done through the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). There are many vacancies like NDA Entry, CDS Entry and some other direct entries as well. After clearing the Officer’s selection process, one will get to the Indian Naval Academy and will be trained for 2-3 years to become an officer. The Indian Navy has its own selection board which is known as Indian Navy Selection Board or Naval Selection Board etc. Here are the details about the Selection Board:

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Details about Naval Selection Board:

The Indian Naval Selection Board is basically a board that conducts an examination for the selection in the Indian Navy service as an officer or as a Sailor etc. There are many branches in the officer’s entry as well as in the Sailor’s entry etc. The Selection Committee releases the vacancy by themselves and conducts the written exam under the government’s rules. It is completely done under the Naval Selection Board. The Selection is done through the Written Exam NSB Interview followed by Medical Examination etc.

After clearing the written examination, One has to appear for the NSB (Naval Selection Board) Interview. Most of us has heard about the SSB Interview and AFSB Interview but this NSB Interview may be sounding new. This is also completely the same as SSB or AFSB Interview.

How to Join Indian Naval Academy After 12th:

The Naval Academy is only for the Training of an officer. To join the Indian Naval Academy. One will have to appear in the Examination which is followed by the five Days Interview. There are basically three ways to join the Indian Navy after passing class 12th. One becomes eligible to apply for the Indian Navy Entry after passing class 10th. One can apply for the MR Entry after passing class 10th. The MR Stands for the Matrix Recruits. Well, here we will only see the top 3 ways to join the service after passing 12th. Here are the following entries that one can apply for after passing class 12th:

  • NDA Entry
  • Navy SSR/AA Entry
  • Indian Navy B.tech Entry

Through the NDA Entry, one can become an officer in the Indian Navy Service, through the Indian Navy B.tech Entry one can become an Engineer in the service and through the Navy SSR/AA Entry one can become a technical sailor and non-technical sailor etc.

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How Can a Women Join the Indian Navy:

There is no discrimination regarding men and women as there is no difference between the Navy and Naval Academy. Everybody is independent to do what they want. If you want to serve the nation, you are allowed to do so either you are men or a woman that does not matter. In the Indian Navy the women are allowed into the  6 branches as an  Officer through women entries:

  • ATC (Air Traffic Controller)
  • Observer
  • Law
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Naval Architecture etc.

Earlier women were inducted only for the SSC ( Short Service Commission) which is 8-10yrs of service. But now the Indian government has given approval for (Permanent Commission) for women.

FAQs For Difference between Navy and Naval Academy

Can I Join the Indian Navy after 10th?

Yes, There is vacancy called MR (Matrix Recruits). One just need to have passed class 12th with minimum age 17 years old etc.

How to become officer in Indian Navy?

To become officer, You can appear for the vacancies like NDA after 12th, CDS & INET after Graduation etc.

What is the minimum height required to join navy?

For men, height should not be less than 162cm and for women it should not be less than 154cm. There are some relaxation has been given to the candidates who belongs to Hilly areas etc.


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