How to become NSG Commando in India

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In order to join NSG or become commando in the service. One will have to be the part of the Indian Army as an officer or soldier, the Indian Navy as an official or Sailor, or the Indian Air force as an official or Airmen, etc. However it’s very robust to be a part of the National Security Guard (NSG). Here in this article, I’ll point out the the way How to become NSG Commando in India. we are going to get to understand the choice method, needed eligibility Criteria and needed regulation, etc. check up on the whole diary below to urge details regarding the provision of vacancies and the way to use for the post etc.

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The NSG Commandos are India’s highest level security that has security to the President, Prime Minister additionally as alternative position government posts in India. They’re known for his or her bravery, skills and training, etc. they’re trained to tackle any reasonable state of affairs. The training of the NSG Commando is very robust. they’ve trained altogether totally different manners to be the most effective.

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What is National Security Guard?

The National Security Guard is a corporation that deals with strategy. it absolutely was fashioned within the year 1984 when the operation Amsonia tabernaemontana. Its aim and locution square measure to trot out the interior and external threats of the state. the choice of the National watcher Commando’s is totally totally different. Here square measure the small print regarding the Eligibility Criteria to become NSG Commando in India and Selection method etc. 

Eligibility Criteria Required:

There is no such eligibility demand to become NSG Commando in India. A candidate who desires to become NSG Commando in India. they’ll be part of the Indian defense force to the Indian force 1st and when a minimum of 3 years of service. Once becomes eligible to use for the National watcher Commando’s post. Here is that the following candidate that has to be matched:

  • Should not have any dangerous record within the last 3 years of service.
  • The candidate should be graduate in any stream from any recognized University or Institute.
  • Age should be below thirty-five years recent. there’s no relaxation in age has been given to any candidate concerning their caste, community, or faith.
  • Must be slot in all manner (Physical and Medical)
  • Should have a Service certificate.
  • Should haven’t any Objection Certificate from their organization.

The rest of the methods is going to be mentioned within the Pre- Selection Criteria of the NSG (National Security Guard) Commando below:

How to become NSG Commando in India (Selection Procedure):

If you are looking for How to become NSG Commando in India. There is no direct way to join NSG as a Commando. The choice of the commando is finished by the Indian Army, Indian Air force additionally as from Indian Navy, etc. so as to become commando in NSG. First, one can be an area of the Indian Armed force Indian Army, Indian Air force, or Indian navy, etc as an official or Soldier or the other post. The CRPF personnel can even apply for this. Once you become a part of the Indian Armed Forces. You’ll be able to apply for the post of the NSG commando whenever the vacancy is discharged by the Authority. there’s a complete of 3 rounds of selection that one needs to clear.

  • Pre- Selection Criteria
  • Selection and Training
  • Advance NSG Training

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Pre-Selection Criteria:

  • Served for a minimum of three years within the Indian defence force and within the case of Indian Police a minimum of five years.
  • Age must be below 35 years old. 
  • Must be physically and medically work.
  • Service Report etc.

The Shortlisting so as to become NSG Commando is finished like this. If you clear this, you may proceed to the subsequent section of choice.

Selection and Training:

Once a candidate is inducted as a beginner within the National Security Guard. they’ll proceed with the coaching. There square measure 2 forms of coaching that square measure provided within the Indian defence force. Basic preparation and Advance preparation. All the cadets are going to be trained for a minimum of fourteen months. And when this, they’ll proceed with the Advance NSG coaching.

Advance National Training:

Advanced combat coaching is finished in Israel. All the candidates are going to be sent to Israel at the government’s expense. when the completion of the coaching, they’re formally inducted into the National Security Guard. All the commandos square measure allowed to serve for less than 5-6 years. After that, they will be back to their parent organization.

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Types of NSG Commandos:

There square measure primarily 3 forms of commandos within the National watcher. and that they square measure assigned totally different works:

  • Special Action Group(SAG)
  • Special Ranger Group (SRG)
  • Special Composite Group (SCG)

Special Action Groups is tasked to counter coercion and Special Ranger Group is tasked to supply security to the influential person and VVIPs and therefore the Special Composite Group is Deployed within the town urban center, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gandhi Nagar, etc to tackle the counter Terrorist Activity.

NSG Commando Vacancy:

National Security Agency recently discharged the notification for the choice of the commandos. All the eligible will candidates who square measure eligible can apply for the vacancy. to urge any updates regarding the vacancy. you want to visit the official website of the National Security Guard .You can check the whole eligibility criteria and choice method higher than. If you match the eligibility criteria, you want to apply for the vacancy.

How to apply for NSG:

First, you may need to become a political candidate member of the National Security. You’ll be able to apply for this online. whereas applying, you may attach all the documents that square measure asked to submit. when the submission, watch for the confirmation from the National watcher Head Quarter, New Delhi. For any updates, check the Official Website of the National Security Guard.

Well, It is not that easy to become NSG Commando in India. One will have to be best version of himself to become one. It is extremely tough. If its your dream, start your preparation from day one. 

FAQs  For How To Become NSG Commando In India

Can I Become NSG Commando after class 12th?

No, there is no direct way to become an NSG commando. The Selection is made from the Indian Armed forces officer or soldiers etc.

What is the retirement age of NSG Commandos?

Usually, They just work for 6-8 years as NSG Commando and later they move back to their respective branch of the department.

What is the minimum age required to become NSG Commando?

There are no minimum age criteria has been mentioned anywhere, but it shouldn’t be more than 35 years old while applying for this.

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