How to prepare for the Navy Medical Test

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Look, if you are a defence aspirant you should have known about the importance of the Medical Tests in defence in India. According to the Indian Indian Navy, those who are looking for a career in the defence must have at least 6/6 eyesight as per their rule. Here in this, I will share with you the complete details about How to prepare for the Navy Medical Test.

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But there is some relaxation if you are joining the technical service of defence, but for the higher posts in defence like Fighter Pilot in Indian Air force, commando in NSG, Naval pilot or Snipers of Indian army. There is no kind of relaxation in the eyesight. One will need to prepare very well in order to clear the Medical test round.

What is the Navy Medical Test and How to prepare for it:

The Indian Navy medical Test is a mandatory phase to clear to get selected in the Indian Navy as an Officer or as a Soldier or Sailor etc. In the medical exam, the Complete Body of the candidate will be examined under the supervision of the military doctor. All External parts and Internal parts will be checked. A minor mistake in the medical Test can be a good reason for rejection. One must prepare for Navy Medical Test in a very well manner to clear this round.

Some Famous Medical Exam:

  • NDA & NA Medical Exam
  • TES Medical Exam
  • CDSE Medical Exam
  • AFCAT Medical Exam
  • INET Medical Exam

There are a few more ways also to join the defence. Which they update every year, according to their vacant seats. But the major way is that. The Medical exams of these entries are considered to be tough as these are officer and Engineer entry vacancies.

If you are looking for an Indian Navy flying branch, there is no any way with glasses to join the flying branch of the service, you can join the ground duty branch or technical branch. But you can go for eye correction surgery. if that surgery is successful and you get perfect vision as the Indian Navy required then you can apply for the Flying branch also.

The Medical Exam is tough to clear if you are not aware of the process and procedure. Make sure that you have an idea about How to prepare for Navy Medical Test. Here we will share with you all the details that are important to know.

Eyesight standard:

  1. The vision standard for that is 6/6 without any glasses
  2. Limits for myopia 0.75D and for Hypermetropia +1.5D
  3. Binocular vision III
  4. Limits for colour perception I

Body Measurements:

  • You should have a Standard body weight as per your height.
  • Your body should not carry any genetic disease like gynecomastia, joint knees, colour blindness or night blindness.
  • The chest should be well developed with a 5cm minimum expansion.
  • Elbow should not be turned in the outer direction for more than 15 degrees.
  • Joint and your bones should be completly fine.
  • Any severe body fracture in any body part can cause permanent rejection.

Internal Medical Check-ups:

  • Chest X-ray for your lungs.
  • Ultrasound for kidney stones.
  • The liver problem will be checked
  • Blood test
  • Urine test

These are the complete tests that will appear in the Indian Navy Medical Test. The medical exam is also an important part of the selection that must be taken seriously. A candidate should prepare for the medical exam as well. AS he/she prepares for the rest of the phases of selection. let’s see the tips and tricks to prepare for the Medical Test.

How to prepare for the Navy Medical Test:

There are no secret tips or tricks to prepare for the Indian Navy medical exam. This is something that is needed to be prepared since childhood. Well, It is not bad to stay fit and stay healthy all the time.

To prepare for the Navy Medical Test, There are many institutes that conduct Pre-medical tests. You can apply for that to get a basic idea about your medical condition and if have any problems, you can get it done right before the real medical Test.

If you have the aim of joining any service that requires medical fitness. You must try to stay fit in all manner. Stay healthy, Workout at least 3 times a week. I hope you got the answer to the Indian Navy Medical Test. If you have any doubt related to the Defense vacancy or related to the medical Test, You can contact cadets point defence academy. Our team will help you in all possible manner.

FAQs For How to prepare for Navy Medical Test

Can I Join the Indian Navy after MBBS?

Yes, You can join the Indian Navy after MBBS. You can get into the service after doing an MBBS from the Armed force medical college.

How can I become a doctor in the Indian Navy?

Well, there are many ways to join the service. To get more details about it, Click here to know about how to become a doctor in the Navy.

Can A Women become Fighter Pilot in the Indian Navy?

Yes, there is no discrimination in the Indian Armed Forces regarding gender. Women can apply for the post of a fighter pilot.

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