How to Prepare for SSB GTO Task, Tips by CPDA Experts

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You may be aware of the process and procedure of the SSB Interview. It is considered the toughest Interview in India. One will have to prepare in a very tough manner to crack this Interview. Here in this blog, I am sharing with you the details about the SSB Interview GTO Task round and about how to prepare for SSB GTO Task etc. All the tips and tricks here are shared by the CPDA (Cadet’s Point Defence Academy).

CPDA Pubication

The CPDA is a reputed institute in India for the preparation of the SSB Interview. We have a team of Ex- SSB Interviewers for the training and education who can easily prepare any student to clear the Interview. Let’s see some tips and tricks that have been shared by the CPDA Experts about How to prepare for SSB Interview.

To Prepare SSB Interview, There is some officer like qualities on the basis of which the officers select the candidates. To clear the Interview, you will need to implant those officers like qualities in yourself. You need to study about the officer like Quality and implant those officer like quality in yourself. It is not a day procedure. You need to practice these things every day.

Types of Questions Asked in the SSB Interview

There are no shortcut ways to get selected in the Interview. SSB preparation books can help you in this and you can also check that officer like qualities in the books. The SSB Interview will be easier to clear if you are a good listener. In the Interview, Try not to be smart, do everything accordingly.

Complete SSB Interview Process:

There is a total of five days in the Interview and each day of the Interview is different. Gere is the complete details about the Interview Process:

Stage 1Screening Test·       Verbal and non-verbal tests.


·       PPDT

Stage 2Psychological Test·       Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)


·       Word Association Test (WAT)

·       Situation Reaction Test (SRT)

·       Self Description Test (SD)

Group Testing Officers Test·       GD


·       GPE

·       PGT

·       HGT

·       IOT

·       Command Task

·       Snake race/Group Obstacle Race

·       Individual lecture

·       FGT

Personal Interview

Here we are going to talk about the GTO Task Activities which is conducted on the 3rd of the Interview. It is the toughest and also called tough to score marks.

SSB Interview GTO (Group Testing Officer) Round:

There are some different types of activities that one has to appear in the GTO Round. This is basically a brain game. These activities that one should perform within the Group Activity. As you recognize that these activities area unit performed underneath the oversight of Group Testing Officers (GTO). There are some rules and rules of GTO to complete the activity. There area unit 5 rules that area unit necessary to be followed by the candidate to complete the task. To get complete details about the GTO Task Rules click on the given link below:

What is the GTO Round in SSB Interview, GTO Task Rules & its preparation

How to prepare for SSB GTO Task:

To prepare for SSB GTO Task. First of all, it’s a group activity and moves together with your group. ne’er leave your partner behind. This activity is essentially set to envision the candidate’s performance within the Group.

In order to arrange for this, I’d recommend a change of integrity to the most effective SSB Interview Institute for higher coaching and education. perpetually be part of the Institute that is Ex-SSB querier for the coaching. they’ll train you terribly higher for this. This activity plays a crucial role in the choice. There also are some books of SSB Interviews that are written by the SSB Interviewers, you’ll be able to conjointly scan those books for a few quality data. This Interview is totally completely different from personal and alternative regular Interviews. The Examiners finds the officer like quality to pick out the candidate. to induce chosen within the SSB Interview, you may have to be compelled to implant those officers like quality. be part of the most effective Institute and obtain trained well for the Interview.

First of all, start reading Inspirational Novels and watch the Interview of defence personnel. You can also read the novels that are written by the Officers about the warzone situations and their lives etc. You must check out, you will get a lot more to learn. Try to implant those habits in yourself. 

To get prepared well for the Interview. Join the Cadet’s Point Defense Academy and get trained well. The CPDA has a team of Ex-Defence Officers and Ex-SSB interviewers. It becomes very easy to get trained under the defence officers and examiners. We have a proper facility for training and also a team of Ex-SSB Interviewers for the training and education.

FAQs For How To Prepare For SSB GTO Task

Which is the best academy for SSB Interview preparation?

The preparation can be done from where but to get better guidance and knowledge, Join the Cadets Point Defence Academy and get trained well.

Can I appear in the SSB Interview with the tattoo?

Yes, there are some criteria for that as well. You cannot have any visible tattoos. Click Here to know more about the tattoo policy

At what age one can appear for SSB Interview?

Well, If you want to appear through NDA or TES. your age must be between 16.5 years old to 19 years old.

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