How to prepare for the SSB Interview, Tips by CPDA Experts

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You may be aware of the process and procedure of the SSB Interview. It is considered the toughest Interview in India. One will have to prepare in a very tough manner to crack this Interview. Here in this blog, I am sharing with you the complete details about the SSB Interview and about how to prepare for SSB Interview etc. All the tips and tricks here are shared by the CPDA (Cadet’s Point Defence Academy).

CPDA Pubication

The CPDA is one of the finest institutes in India for the preparation of the SSB Interview. We have a team of Ex- SSB Interviewers for the training and education who can easily prepare any student to clear the Interview. Let’s see some tips and tricks that have been shared by the CPDA Experts about How to prepare for SSB Interview.

SSB Interview Training by CPDA

How to Prepare SSB Interview:

SSB Interview is a completely different Interview. In order to prepare for the SSB Interview. You can join any best Coaching Institute. Join the Coaching institute where ex-SSB Interviewer is giving proper training and education. The Service Selection Board Interview is for five days and each you will be tested in the manner and will appear for different types of activities. Let’s see the complete procedure of the Interview and then we will discuss the preparation of this.

SSB Interview Process:

DAY-1 of SSB interview This Day you will go through the Verbal & Non-Verbal Intelligence test. If you couldn’t clear this round you will be sent back on the same day.

DAY-2 of SSB Interview: you have to go through a few tests like:-

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

DAY 3 GTO this round can be tough for you if you are from a non-military background. You must join the coaching to get trained for this round of Interviews.

Types of Questions Asked in the SSB Interview

DAY 4: This is a personal interview you just have to be honest with answers, whatever they ask reply gently, do not feel nervous or Hesitation.

DAY 5: This is just a conference, you will be told about your overall performance in the interview.

This is the complete process of the Interview. All you need is a better book to crack SSB Interview or a coaching interview, where you could train and educate yourself better for this Interview.

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Preparation Tips by Experts:

To Prepare SSB Interview, There is some officer like qualities on the basis of which the officers select the candidates. To clear the Interview, you will need to implant those officers like qualities in yourself. You need to study about the officer like Quality and implant those officer like quality in yourself. It is not a day procedure. You need to practice these things every day.

First of all, start reading Inspirational Novels and watch the Interview of defence personnel. You can also read the novels that are written by the Officers about the warzone situations and their lives etc. You must check out, you will get a lot more to learn. Try to implant those habits in yourself.

Naval Selection Board and 5 Day SSB Interview Process

There are no shortcut ways to get selected in the Interview. SSB preparation books can help you in this and you can also check that officer like qualities in the books. The SSB Interview will be easier to clear if you are a good listener. In the Interview, Try not to be smart, do everything accordingly. The level of Questions and the number of questions may be different. If you are appearing for NDA SSB Interview, It will be easier as compared to the CDS Interview. So prepare accordingly.

Well, One can join the CPDA (Cadet’s Point Defence Academy) to get prepared well. Our team of hard working instructers and Ex-SSB Interviewers manner to make you prepare in a very easy manner. We prepare you mentally as well as physically. There is nothing that we left in the preparation. Join the academy and get close to your dream.

FAQS For How To Prepare For The SSB Interview

Can I prepare for SSB Interview at home?

Yes, You can do, if you have an idea about the process and procedure of the Interview or have been in the Interview before. But, It is always better to join coaching and get trained under the officers.

How to prepare for the SSB Interview through Books?

Yes, there are many books written by the officers and ex-SSB interviewers that have to complete details about the SSB Interview and its process. Choose the only book which is written by an Interviewer.

Is there any age limit required to appear for SSB Interview?

No, But to apply for it, the age of the candidate must be at least 16.5 years old or above.

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