Difference Between IAF Old Uniform Vs New Combat Uniform

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Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari gave the primary inspect what’s known as a “digitally camouflaged” uniform for the bottom workers of the air force. Garud division of the IAF wears camouflage uniforms just like the army. Here in this blog, we will get to know about the Indian Air force IAF Old Uniform vs New Combat Uniform etc. Check the complete blog below to get detailed information about this.

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IAF New Combat Uniform vs Old Uniform

The Air Force’s new combat uniform is believed to possess taken some concepts from the Army’s new digital unseeable combat uniform, that came out earlier this year.

Most armies around the world have switched to digital camouflage patterns that area unit arduous to identify. currently, the styles on the battle fatigues are created of squares rather than the organic patterns that were used before. The digital pattern works well on every kind of piece of ground, creating it easier for folks to manoeuvre around in places like deserts, forests, mountains, and cities while not being seen.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) created the new combat uniform for the Indian Army. it absolutely was shown off on Army Day in January of this year. The IAF’s new uniforms might take some concepts from the look, however, they’re going to be created to suit the conditions within which IAF ground workers work.

IAF Officer’s Comments on New-Uniform:

An IAF officer told newsonair.com, “The new IAF uniform can have completely different colours and shades that area unit higher for the air force’s work atmosphere.”

In addition to the new pattern, the IAF uniform is made from a unique (lighter and additional breathable) material and has a unique style. this may create the workers more well-off and facilitate them to do their jobs higher. The engineering fitting may be a feature that helps each man and girl on ground duty do their jobs in addition to what they will.


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