Indian Army Tattoo Policy 2021, Are Tattoo Allowed in Army, Navy or Airforce

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Here in this blog, We’ll get to understand the entire details and criteria to seem for SSB Interview. we’ll get to understand the Indian Army Tattoo Policy 2021 and also know about whether it’s allowed in Army, Navy or Airforce. There square measure several alternative criteria that may stop you from attending the Interview. you need to recognize if you’re making ready to seem for the Service choice Board Interview. Look into the entire journal below to urge the most recent details concerning the Interview.

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Why the Indian military doesn’t permit Tatto (Indian Army Tattoo Policy):

Indian military square measure terribly skilled and having any quite tattoo on the body doesn’t suit the officers similarly as troopers. There square measure some security reasons additionally. With any visible tattoo on the body, an individual will simply acknowledge you. If he/she doesn’t see your face however tattoo. He will simply acknowledge you. there’s some medical reason additionally. someone who contains a massive tattoo on the chest, back or at the abdominal, etc. may face some issues within the scrutiny additionally. There square measure several reasons for the tattoo. you’ll check it out on the Official website of the Indian Army.

CPDA Pubication

Indian Army Tattoo Policy: The tattoo is allowed in the Indian Armed forces services but there are some very strict criteria for that. Here are the details about the Criteria to have tattoos. But, It is very clear that, If one has a visible tattoo, he/she will not be permitted to join the service at any cost. Not just in the Indian Armed forces, Police Service and some other government services also do not allow tattoos. Well, Let’s see the details about the Criteria for tattoos in the Indian Armed Forces services.

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Criteria for Tattoo Policy Indian Army, Navy or Airforce:

The tattoos square measure allowed within the Indian military similarly as Service choice Board Interview but however, there’s some Indian Army Tattoo Policy for this:

  • A candidate can have a tattoo on the inner part of their forearms.
  • That tattoo should not contain and offensive things that break the Army’s rules and regulations.
  • A one that belongs to any court Community like Schedule Caste or regular tribes. they’ll have a tattoo at any part of the body however that tattoo shouldn’t contain offensive things or any sexiest things that supported gender.
  • For any quiet Tatto, an individual can submit the Self Certification Certificate before connexion the Interview which is going to be uploaded on the Indian Army Official website.

These square measure constant rules and laws for the tattoo within the Indian military. Here I’m sharing with you the entire Pdf of Tatto Criteria for the SSB Interview candidate. you’ll certify and may additionally transfer the shape for Tatto (if having any).

Tattoo Criteria in SSB Interview:

The Criteria competes for the same as the Indian Army Tattoo Policy. You won’t be allowed to appear in the Interview if does not match with the following criteria given above. Well, If you do not know about the SSB Interview, Here are the details about that.

SSB Interview is a long procedure. This can be for 5 days and an individual can clear some tests on a daily basis. an individual or candidate are going to be tested in a completely different manner. you wish to bear in mind the procedure and an entire list of the activities that you simply got to perform within the Interview. For the preparation of the Interview, there square measure several academies in Bharat that offer the right education and coaching for the Interview. you’ll additionally prepare online. Their square measure several online series concerning the Service choice Board Interview however it would robust for the one that doesn’t belong to the defence family. You wish to find out all the essential to major things concerning the Interview to clear this.

How to Prepare for Armed Forces Medical Examination

Armed Forced Medical Examination:

After the SSB Interview, All the chosen candidates can proceed with the health check. within the scrutiny, your complete body is going to be examined. A minor downside within the scrutiny will cause Temporary rejection. you need to bear in mind this. There square measure some criteria for rejection. can get 2 styles of rejection within the medical. Temporary or Permanent. The temporary rejection is given to the candidate. once he or she is found unfit for any issues which downside is correctable. you may get your time from the medical Board to repair that downside. And Permanent rejection is simply given just in case of any major downside within the candidate’s body.

Once you get a permanent rejection from the authority. there’s no manner of turning back to the academy. If you’re declared unfit, you may not be able to apply for any defence vacancy as a result of the medical criteria square measure constant for all. Hope this was useful to you and you bought a solution. Indian Army Tattoo Policy 2021. If the connection to the military is your dream brace yourself for this from day one. Join the CPDA and get trained well under the guidance of the Defense Officers and Ex-SSB Interviewers. CPDA has the best training faculty. To more about CPDA: Click Here

FAQs For Indian Army Tattoo Policy

Can I Join Army with a Visible Tattoo?

No, there is a very strict rule in the Indian Army regarding the Tattoo. But, It is allowed in some conditions. You can see the complete details about this in the article.

Are tattoos allowed in the SSB Interview?

The Answer is Yes and No as well. It is allowed with some conditions like You can have a tattoo but it should not be visible and there are some other criteria as well. check the article to get complete information.

Can I Join Army after removing my tattoo?

Yes, You will be allowed but you should have any visible scars that could be recognized easily. Make sure not to have scars after tattoo removal or it can have issues.

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