Is Lasik Surgery allowed in the Armed forces?

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The Medical Exam in the Indian Armed forces plays an important role in the selection. Here in this article, we will get to know the details about LASIK Surgery, Is Lasik Surgery Allowed In The Indian Armed Forces? To get complete details about the LASIK surgery and what are the conditions when it is allowed in the service and when not etc. One must check the complete article below.

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There are many conditions that have been applied for the candidates who have had Lasik surgery for eye correction. It is allowed in the Indian Armed forces but there are rules and regulations for this. Here the Cadet’s Point Defense Academy will share with you the complete details about the Lasik surgery and under what conditions, it is allowed in the Indian Armed forces. Before that let’s see what is Lasik Surgery?

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What is Lasik Surgery:

Lasik Surgery is simply an eye treatment, commonly known as laser eye surgery or laser eye correction. It is a type of refractive surgery which is used to treat patients suffering from myopia, HYPEROPIA, FORESIGHTEDNESS And ASTIGMATISM. This  Lasik surgery is done by the ophthalmologists who use a type of laser to give proper shape to the cornea just to improve the rituality. It is the alternative solution to eyeglasses or spectacles.

For a person who has thin cornea or high myopia, the LASIK surgery is not for that person. The National Institute for health and clinical excellence (NICE) collected pieces of evidence to prove the safety of Lasik surgery, NICE states that laser surgery for the correction of refractive errors is safe and beneficial.

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Is Lasik Surgery Allowed in the Indian Armed forces?

The Lasik Surgery allowed in the Indian Armed forces either its Indian Air force, Indian Army, Indian Navy etc. The Criterion for Lasik Surgery of the Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy is a bit different. Here are the details about each force:

Indian Army:

  • Indian Army Only allows Lasik Surgery, If it is done after the age of 20 years old.
  • If anybody has had Laik surgery before the age of 20 years or at the age of 20 years old, It is not allowed in the Indian Army.
  • After the sugery, The eyesight of the candidate must be 6/6 and must have a healthy retina after any eye correction surgery.
  • The Indian Army has three branches in the service, It is not allowed for the Army Aviation, but it is allowed for the Army Technician branch and Ground Duty Branches etc.

Indian Navy:

  • It is allowed in the Indian Navy as well at the same conditions as army.
  • Lasik Surgery must be done only once.
  • The Navy allows for both LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery, both for current pilots and NFOs and for pilot/NFO applicants.
  • You can apply for the technical branches, onboard duty staff etc.
  • Indian Navy accepts a stricter of only -0.75D. but if you are having  Color blindness or Night blindness individuals are disqualified.
  • And for the fighter pilots of the Indian Navy uncorrected vision can be no worse than 20/40 (correctable to 20/20) in each eye.
  • But you can join as a transport pilot with 6/6 eyesight with glasses or without glasses etc.

Indian Airforce:

  • Air Force also allows only one laser eye correction.
  • For becoming a fighter pilot you must have good vision so that you can see and act quickly. it should be no worse than 20/70.
  • To enter Navigator Training, the candidate can have vision no worse than 20/200 in each eye.
  • You can join the technical branches’ ground staff officers with the glasses if your eyesight is 6/6 after the glasses.

These are all the rules, regulations and conditions of the Indian Armed forces for Lasik Surgery. Now let’s see the Risk factors of having Lasik Surgery.

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Risk Factors in Lasik Surgery:

All the people who appear for the Lasik Surgery do not get the result they expected, there are also some shorts of side effects that may occur after the surgery.

  1. Change in contact lenses and glasses.
  2. Certain medication use or conditions.
  3. Certain eye conditions like infections etc.
  4. Many people reviewed this surgery as they suffered eye dryness, sensitivity to light and blurred vision after the surgery.

These kinds of problems have been seen in very few cases. If you follow the rules of surgery you may not get these problems. It is very important to contact the best surgeon and have a proper conversation with the surgeon about your problems.

Lasik Surgery Benefits: (Lasik Surgery is allowed in Indian Armed forces)

Most people don’t like to wear glasses all the time. After the LASIK surgery, One will not have to wear glasses. You can apply for the government vacancies that don’t allow glasses but there are some criteria for this, that you must check. Many people opt to appear for Lasik Surgery to join the Indian armed forces. Lasik Surgery is allowed in the Indian Armed forces but there are some criteria for this like: The surgery must be done after the age of 20. A candidate must have healthy eyes after the surgery. He/she should not wear any glasses or lenses to correct the vision.

FAQs For Is Lasik Surgery Allowed In The Armed Forces

Is it mandatory to clear the medical test to join the Indian Army?

Yes, there is no entry into the Indian Armed forces either its Army, Navy, Airforce or any other forces without a medical exam.

How to prepare for the Armed forces medical exam?

There are no magical tips or tricks for this. One just needs to eat healthily, exercise daily and sleep well. Try to maintain your BMI and keep yourself as healthy as possible. It is not one day process, it will take some time.

What is a medical test in the Indian Armed forces?

In the medical examination of the Indian Armed forces, the complete body of the candidate will be checked by the defence medical examiners

This blog was all about the Is Lasik Surgery Allowed In The Armed Forces?. I hope you got the complete details about this. To prepare for the Defence Exam, you can join the Cadets Point Defence Academy and get proper education and training about the exam, Interviews, Physical Fitness and Medical Fitness etc. You can check the official website to get details or to know more about the Institute.

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