OTA Chennai Passing-Out Parade to be held on 29th October 2022

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The OTA Stands for Officer’s Training Academy. it’s celebrated for the Training of Army Officers Men and girls. Here during this article, we are going to get to understand the Training that has been finished at the OTA recently. Now, the candidates can seem for the OTA Chennai Passing-out Parade 2022. let’s look at some additional details concerning the OTA, Passing Out Parade and ways to urge selected within the OTA etc.

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OTA Chennai Passing-Out Parade 2022:

OTA Passing-out Parade 2022 is conducted on 29th October 2022. Gentlemen cadets and girl cadets will get commissioned into the Indian Army once passing out of the parade. The Cadets of SSC-114 & SSC(W)-28, after 11 months of gruelling training,, will pass out from the sacred portals of OTA Chennai on 29th October 2022. forged with labour & sweat, their dreams of being commissioned as officers and leading from the front will shortly come true.

About OTA Chennai:

OTA Chennai Passing-out Parade 2022: The Academy provides panoptic grooming to form certain physical, mental, and psychological development of cadets. Cadets, once chosen at the Service Selection Boards (SSB interviews), report back to the Academy throughout the months of April and Oct (generally the Second Thursday) annually and are imparted 49 weeks of grooming organized into a pair of semesters of 23 weeks each with a three weeks Term break.

For any purpose of it slow, a pair of courses are conducted at the Academy totalling the Academy initiate strength to 730-750. excluding the essential grooming, the cadets are exposed to the troop and individual games/sports, degree-intensive physical Training job schedule And far more than completely different co-curricular activities.

Efforts are created to ignite the leadership qualities in these cadets, that are required to fulfil the challenges of the simplest profession within the globe, the militia. the college at the academy ensures the event of communication skills, deciding capabilities and psychological acquisition.

Ways to Join the OTA Chennai:

Here is the list of entries that one can opt for to get into the Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai. Check the details mentioned below:

Through CDSE:

CDS OTA may well be a Combined Defense Service achievement examination that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for double a year. it’s An achievement examination that is performed to recruit candidates for the Air Force, Navy, and military of India.

In OTA, candidates are allowed to stay in commission for 10 to 14 years. Candidates ought to apply for a permanent commission if they need to work out for quite fourteen years of commission.

Age Eligibility for men and girls is 19yrs to 25yrs. Candidates ought to possess a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent from a recognized University to use for diverse posts at intervals in the CDS OTA examination.

The selection methodology for UPSC CDS OTA is comprised of four stages:

  • Written Examination
  • SSB Interview
  • Verification of Document
  • Medical Examination


Men and girls who are technical graduates are going to be a locality of through SSC-Tech Entries. there is no written examination and thus the shortlisting of applications is finished on the thought of the cut-off proportion of a qualifying examination, i.e. Engineering.

JAG – Judge Advocate Entry:

Law Graduates can apply for this entry. Male and female Graduates with Bachelor of Laws/law degree with 55% marks. Registered with the Bar Council of India / State are eligible. SSB calls are created for desired candidates once the initial screening of the applications is completed. Notification is made in June/July.

NCC Special Entry Scheme:

For NCC candidates age demand is from nineteen years to 25 years. Degree of a recognized University or equivalent with a mixture of minimum 55% marks taking into thought marks of all the years. have to be compelled to have served for a minimum of two/three years (as applicable) in Senior Division/Wg of NCC.

This is all concerning the OTA Passing-out Parade 2022. it’s an awfully proud moment for each parent whose son or girl is near to being commissioned into the service as a political candidate. you’ll conjointly watch the OTA Passing-out Parade 2022 continue to exist on tv. it’ll seem on each national channel. Jai Hind.

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