TGC 137 Medical Test: How to Prepare for the Army Medical Exam

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To become an Officer or soldier within the Indian Armed forces. One can get to be medically and physically suitable to be part of the Service. The Test within the Armed forces is strictly done and one can prepare well for this. Here during this article, I’m planning to share with you the entire details regarding the TGC 137 Medical Test and the preparation for the medical Test method to organize myself for the Test in a simple way. Check the entire article below. I actually have shared all the knowledge which will assist you tons in your Test.

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TGC 137 Medical Test, Prepare for the Army Medical Exam:

There are not any such tips and tricks to organize yourself for the Test. Most of the candidates get rejected within the Internal Test. Here I’ll share with you the entire medical details and last, I’ll observe the preparation of this and can share with you Tips for TGC 137 Medical Test preparation.

In any defence exams in India whether or not it’s for the Indian Air Force or Indian Navy or Indian Army the essential criteria are continuously identical, The medical Tests within the Indian defence test are done by the Military doctors at the Military hospitals.

The Medical check-ups are completely different if you’re wanting to be a combat pilot within the Indian Air Force or Pilot in the Indian Navy, Sniper within the Indian Army or for the Grade commandos, etc. The medical would be very strict for them. First, we’ll discuss the essential demand and so we’ll discuss these special posts within the Indian Armed forces.

Medical Examination in Armed Forces:

Here are some mentioned steps that are followed by the Medical Board to check the overall condition of the candidate’s body. Check the details below:

Body measurements required:

You need to have a well-shaped body. These tests are to examine the essential body posture of the candidates. You don’t need to have six packs. You simply need a mean body.

  • Here you will be asked to require off your garments an examiner will check your External body from bottom to top and can conjointly rise regarding the marks on your body if you’re having, therefore.
  • You should have a regular weight as per your height.
  • Your body mustn’t carry any genetic abnormality like abnormal conditions, joint knees, congenital defects or visual defects.
  • Your chest should be developed with a 5cm minimum growth.
  • Your elbow mustn’t be turned within the outer direction for quite fifteen degrees.
  • Your joint and your bones should be fully fine.
  • Any severe body fracture in any part will cause permanent rejection.
  • You should have healthy eyes.

Once you complete this, currently you have got to move to the inner body checks and in these tests, the subsequent internal body organs are going to be checked:

  • Chest X-ray for your lungs.
  • Ultrasound for calculus.
  • The liver downside is going to be checked
  • A blood take a look
  • Urine take a look

If they notice any minor downside that happens in your internal body TGC 137 Medical Test, The Medical Board can provide you with time to correct that, however, the candidate must correct this at intervals at a given time. Also, the period will vary on the class of issues. These are the medical tests that are commanded within the Test of defence.

How to prepare for the Medical Examination:

To prepare for the Test. you’ll follow these 5 tips that are given below to urge smart results. 1st of all, if you’re a drinker or smoker, you may get to quit it for a minimum of a month before the TGC 137 Medical Test.

  • Have a decent sleep the night before the test.
  • Avoid Salty and fatty foods a minimum of one month before the examination, it’ll elevate your pressure level.
  • Avoid Exercise, it’ll shield you from injury and your vital sign are going to be conjointly traditional.
  • Do not drink occasionally or any caffeinated product.
  • Drink most Water

Moreover, there are not any such tips that would cause you to clear the examination if you’re working. If you wish to be an individual, you may get to look out for yourself from childhood. These are some common points to recollect once you seem for a Test.

This is all about the Indian Armed force’s Medical procedures that are conducted to check the overall condition of the candidate’s health. I hope you got the details about the TGC 137 Medical Test. Make sure to prepare well for this and get yourself better in every manner to clear the Medical Examination.

There is no source or any hidden tricks work at the Officer’s Medical check-up centre. You have to fit in and be fine in all manners to join the service. The Cadets Point Defence Academy also conducts pre-medical check-ups for the candidates. Make sure to appear for that as well and get yourself prepared in a better manner for the real TGC 137 Medical Test procedure.


What if I get rejected the Army Medical?

If you get a temporary rejection, you will be given time to re-appear for the medical test. But, not in case of permanent rejection.

Are there any ways to join the army without a medical test?

No, either you apply for Officer’s entry or Soldier’s entry, the medical test is mandatory in both cases.

Can a Physically Handicapped person join the Indian Army?

No, there is no way to join the Indian Army or Any other armed forces, One has to physically and mentally fit in all manners to join the Armed forces.

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